Amsterdam to create ‘scum villages’: “Put all the trash together.”

Geert Wilders, the leader of a populist Dutch Right-wing party

The new right-wing governmentality suggests a concentration camp-like solution for the ‘persistent troublemakers’. Does it refer to the criminalization of a certain class or the high class troublemakers will also be forced to leave their highly gentrified neighborhoods? An easy way of naming human beings as ‘trash’ just because they are considered non-productive in terms of the violent capitalism? An easy way to exile the lower classes that reside in inner city to be able to gentrify what remains from them?


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam to create ‘scum villages’: “Put all the trash together.”

  1. Derya Oezkan says:

    In what ways do you think this is related to “cool Istanbul”?

  2. This discourse that criminalizes and tends to exclude parts of population in spatial terms functioned also in İstanbul, for example in Tarlabaşı. It was almost a refuge place for many newcomers and excluded/marginalized parts in the city. Different from what Wilders suggested, it wasn’t a proper plan of the local government to arrange an enclosure, however it was left as an undesirable space. Later, a similar discourse made it possible to eradicate the residents of this neigborhood at once for the sake of an ‘urban transformation’ that ‘saved the apple of Istanbul’s eye’ from ‘criminality, dirt and marginalities’ as soon as the discourse of the ‘cool istanbul’ stepped in and required the possible new places around the cool part of istanbul, as the mayor continiously mentioned as the ‘center of istanbul’ or ‘center of Turkey’, ‘a poisoned princess’, that is also the center of ‘the cool istanbul’. This kind of an attempt feeds the discourse that the city belongs to the cool, defining certain groups of population ‘uncool’ or ‘trash’. Then it becomes very easy to relocate these people due to the new requirements of the cool.

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