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Another City is Possible!: An Interview with David Harvey

David Harvey approches to anarchism as a spirit of movement to be inspired rather than a way of doing politics, as many recent Marxist approches tend to do. Together with this comment, he emphasizes that the forms of organizations should be different than the former ways of political organizations. To understand his criticism of anarchism and his point of view about new modes of urban struggle, his ‘Rebel Cities’ should be read and discussed further.

Another City is Possible!: An Interview with David Harvey

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Mapping the urban commons

Sulukule, the day after (Najla Osseiran, 2009) from

Now there is a new take on the  urban commons to construct a power of the right to the city against the power of the neoliberal governmentality and its discourse that puts the emphasis on the private economic relationships producing a marketable city for investors and upper economic classes. ‘Mapping the Commons of Istanbul’ attempted to map Istanbul’s urban commons for the imaginations of ‘the commonwealth of its social life’.

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IMECE- Toplumun Şehircilik Hareketi artık ‘Müşterekler’ içinde

İstanbul’da İmece-Toplum için şehircilik hareketi, GDA- Göçmen Dayanışma Ağı, Ekoloji Kolektifi Derneği gibi grupların artık Müşterekler adı altında bir araya geldiğini biliyor muydunuz? İstanbul için ‘urban commons’ tartışma zamanı!