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‘The New Istanbul’ is justified due to the risk of earthquake

Northern Istanbul is getting planned as ‘The new Istanbul’, a new city constructed on the ’empty’ land that is left by the military institutions. All the existing buildings within this huge area (40.000 hectars) will be demolished due to the risk of earthquake, so that a new city will be erected on the land.

According to the new law enacted in 2012 on the transformation of the sites that are under the risk of disaster, ministry of environment and urbanism, ministry of transportation, housing development administration, and the real estate investment trust of this administration, Emlak Konut, signed a protocol about this ‘new istanbul’ project.

The project, that provides ‘higher living conditions for the residents’ has been approved by the ministry. The news are announcing that parts of the project will take the ‘traditional seljukian housing model’, and the parts designed for trade and tourism will be consisted of skyscrapers.

Behind the justification based on the earthquake risk, this cooperation and construction of a new city will require high profitability. It seems like, the former residents will pay all the costs of this new project, again. And the government will continue to seize on all the lands ‘available’ in Istanbul for urban transformation projects, along with the 3rd bridge project, 3rd airport project etc. The promotion of the project as ‘The new Istanbul’ is significant.

For the news about the project (in turkish language):



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